Foodservice Equipment


  • Large production toasters
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Equipped with upper and lower reinforced resistances.
  • Adjustable chain speed to control toasting.
  • Provided with racks to guide the bread progression at the user's choice.
  • Unloading on the front side or on the back side.
  • Tray on the base to gather the crumbs.
  • Possibility to work with two resistances or only wiht the upper one (consequuent energy savings). 
  • Height adjustable legs.


  • 7635220
  • FEATURES TC-2700
    Electric Supply 230V/50Hz/1
    Power (W) 2.700
    Dimensions of breath insertion area (cm) high x wide
    36 x 7,5
    Dimensions (cm) 47 x 42 x 39
    Net Weight (Kg) 21